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  1. Cesar Rodriguez says:

    Hey Jerry, I love your straight forward approach on your blog! I appreciate that! I had to tell you how impressive it is. You are very professional and authentic. I see that you are a big fan of video content too. You have good organization with your videos as well. I seriously enjoyed your blog so much that I had to give you my vote and 10 Stars…

  2. Hale Pringle says:
    Lots of GREAT info in Jerry’s blog. This one is worth reading in depth.
  3. Nancy Carroll says:
    Go Jerry, go! Love your tips and humorous content.
  4. Avatar of Richard MatharooRichard Matharoo says:
    Excellent blog Jerry, valuable and useful content in every single post.
  5. Wilson Cu says:

    Jerry is one of the very few people who delivers valuable contents and most importantly, one who articulates the essence and clarity of the subject. Just like how he wrote his blogs, his comments on Social Media, his speech, his trainings, and even during casual conversations.

  6. Rich Hazlett says:

    Jerry Chen rocks! His MLM knowledge is only surpassed by his mega-buffet acumen (verifiable through video footage available upon request). Check out his powerful interviews with top leaders the next time you’re feeling lost or need a little extra inspiration in your business.

  7. Tom Simons says:
    Jerry Chen is a cool dude, & he KNOWS his stuff!
  8. Jonathan Lunger says:
    Jerry is a true leader who takes what can be a dry subject of marketing and makes it fun as it should be. Generous with his knowledge and skills he exemplifies what a good teacher is all about!
  9. Marie Leonard says:
    I’m always impressed with the quality of information that comes from Jerry. There is always a gem that surfaces to give me that little extra edge I might have missed otherwise. If you want someone to emulate from the network marketing world that over delivers, then there is no better role model than Jerry Chen.
  10. Javier says:
    Jerry Chen is one of the most amazing people I have ever met in my life worldwide.

    He is one of the few people I can trust in him my home, car, and credit card.
    With such a quality person it is guaranted that whatever he does,
    its full integrity and commitment.


  11. Hezi says:
    Jerry’s training have been a tremendous help to my business. It has helped me take my business to another level with the valuable information that he share on the blog. Well done!
  12. Casey Martin says:
    Jerry I’m new here but I’m willing,First off your blog is nice and the value is off the charts.Wow is what i have to say keep putting value in marketplace.
  13. Jeff Knowles says:
    Jerry has some great information and tips on his blog. He is always working hard to provide valuable and correct information to his readers and followers.
  14. Avatar of Raena LynnRaena Lynn says:
    What can I say? Love Jerry’s blog. It’s one of the most professional I’ve seen. It has a wealth of high quality, informative content and a lot of it! I love the layout. I love the first impression. I love the video testimonials. Jerry is a highly respected, successful leader in this industry. This blog is one of my favorites. Wow!
  15. Jared Hager says:
    You can tell Jerry has been around the block and them some. His blog is jammed packed full of great value on many subjects. He seems to have it all, Interviews, great posts and awesome videos. This is an awesome value packed blog.
  16. Dave Kovach says:
    Jerry gives you the tools and resources to succeed in life and business. He is an incredible teacher, leader, and friend.

    Keep Rocking Bro!

  17. Aurore says:
    Jerry is a professional. He knows what he is doing and his story and how he came to have so much success is simply inspiring. I came across his bog abut a year ago and at the time as a beginner I was looking up to him and his work. He is the real deal!
  18. Lena Bjorna says:
    I love the way Jerry leverages the expertise of other leaders (not just his own) on his blog when I first came across his blog some time ago I was like, wow, that’s a cool idea! He does it so well, too! Success By Association. ;)
  19. Emma Tiebens says:
    Jerry Chen is one of the most powerful, brilliant and heart-centered marketers we have around. His depth of understanding of the industry and his ability to connect with incredibly powerful leaders and move people to action has endeared him to thousands of people. He’s a personal friend but he’s like a brother to me. I trust him implicitly with life and business matters. He’s the real deal and his blog Build A Magnetic Network has profoundly impacted thousands of lives and continues to do so. I know my life is better by knowing Jerry!
  20. Melanie Milletics says:
    Innovative? Creatively Intelligent? Committed to Excellence.

    These things describe Jerry and his work.
    Bravo, my friend!

  21. Viola Tam says:
    Jerry brings exceptional value to his readers by interviewing industry leaders and sharing insights in his blog.

    This is a resourceful blog that can surely help network marketers to attract more leads and grow their MLM business to another level.

  22. Tiago Simones says:
    Jerry Chen is really an amazing guy and an excelent leader.

    The marketing arena are full of gurus  posers, but Jerry leads by example.
    I’ve been blessed by his work and his interviews with the major leaders in our industry.
    Thanks Jerry and keep the good work.
    Best wishes from Brazil

  23. Orrin Woodward says:
    I have become good friends with Jerry over the past year and have been extremely impressed with his work ethic, integrity, and genuine encouragement of others. His interviews and articles are full of wisdom nuggets that one will not find in the news. Simply stated, Jerry’s blog will challenge and inspire anyone in the leadership or MLM field to improve! Sincerely, Orrin Woodward
  24. Avatar of Stacia HopkinsStacia Hopkins says:
    Jerry is a true gem in our industry. He is full of knowledge and expertise about getting connected and building relationships to help grow your business. Not only does Jerry definitely know what he is doing, but is is genuine and caring. I highly recommend you bookmark Jerry’s blog!
  25. Joseph Young says:
    Always enjoy your content Jerry. I have to stay more connected as I am thrusting forward in my network marketing career more than ever and will appreciate the great reminders tips and so that you share!
  26. Brian Niederhaus says:
    Great blog, Jerry. Very interesting interviews.


  27. Tim Stephens says:
    Jerry Chen Rocks!
  28. Carl Hays says:
    Jerry has the ability to balance it all, and do it effectively. His skill for teaching, and passion for success, combined with an art for communication give him the ability to achieve so much, and help so many.

    His content is no-nonsense, non-fluff, 100% useful, and always inspiring.

    Thanks, Jerry for doing what you do!


  29. Alicia Buckner says:
    Jerry is awesome since day one when I spoke with him. Not only is he clearly a leader but he has a blueprint that I’ve been looking for!!! ROCK ON Jerry!!!!!! your protege!
  30. Ian Valeza says:

    Jerry Chen is a very good mentor. He help me a lot when it comes to my business, in fact I got my first sale on the internet because of his mentoring to me.

    Without him I think I still don`t know how to generate some sales on the internet. Jerry Chen do his business with integrity, and he has the heart to help other people. I highly recommend him, and I know you can learn a lot from hist blog.


  31. Ray Dietrich says:

    Great job Jerry, love the video content! You Rock!

  32. Edison Victorino says:

    Jerry is a man full of integrity in the industry! He’s really good on what he does! The great thing about his blog, is his content. No hype, all real and based on his experience and experienced of people he interviewed! A true internet entrepreneur by heart and a network marketing professional.

    Great work man! Keep it up!


  33. Nellie (LaNelle) Schwab says:

    I have always admired immigrant professionals and entrepreneurs who have their own story of how they emerged from where they started to where they’re at now. and Jerry Chen is one of them. He exemplifies leadership in internet marketing and can also be your good friend once you learn to know him.

  34. Trista Chau says:

    Not many people in the world has the skills or the mind-set to accomplish and become successful in this field. It requires alot of time and patience. I am amazed at his business structure and how he himself has created this other different world of networking and marketing within so little time and now it seems to blow out of the water filling in the minds of new entrepreneurs from all walks of life! Not only is blogging a great marketing strategy, it benefits the world’s needs in networking and a new era in advertising!! I give it 10 stars and would follow it throughout my career! Thanks Jerry!

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